FastMap by ATLIS Geomatics is a Mapping-as-a-Service (MaaS) application providing low cost geospatial without compromise.  Developed by a team of pioneers in photogrammetry and remote sensing, FastMap is redefining geospatial data throughout Canada.  For the first time, governments and private enterprise can visualize, map, and track change with a fast and affordable solution.

Leveraging the power of custom sensor development, combing high resolution cameras and LiDAR technology, and processed with high powered modern computing, FastMap technology can now acquire Canada’s cities in hours and produce aerial maps for use within days, not months like traditional aerial survey providers.  Aerial maps produced by FastMap are referred to as “SmartMaps” which consist of high resolution aerial imagery and elevation data.  The power of this technology enables SmartMaps to be updated multiple times per year, offering convenience and value to end-users.

For the first time, governments and private enterprise can visualize, map, and track reality with fast and affordable solution.

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Access to SmartMaps is licensed through an easy to use web map portal called FastView or through OGC compliant web mapping services such a WMS, WMTS, and WCS.  Customers can stream imagery on the web using desktop or mobile devices or download data for offline use.  Access to FastMap is available through annual subscription agreements starting as low as $98/month.

FastMap technology is reducing site visits for project managers, empowering Smart Cities within governments,  and tracking assets with greater frequency and efficiency.  An electrical company can easily plan and estimate new parking lot lighting, roofing and solar companies can identify new business opportunities while estimating without site visits, and construction companies can get updates of projects at a more affordable cost than a drone.

We are excited to introduce these revolutionary SmartMaps to governments and private enterprise throughout Canada.  FastMap is designed to save time and money, but most important – to provide a consistent and reliable product our customers can depend on.

For more information about FastMap MaaS or to request a 14-day free trial, please contact us.

About FastMap

FastMap is enabling governments and private enterprise to map reality through Mapping-as-a-Service (MaaS) as a cost effective geospatial data solution. FastMap is frequently capturing cities and developed areas throughout Canada to produce SmartMaps which contain astonishing aerial imagery and accurate elevation maps. SmartMaps are managed by FastMap and delivered through the FastView web map or into your GIS and CAD products.

Users are saving time and money by reducing site visits and working more efficiently using current, high resolution aerial maps produced by FastMap.

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