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Landscaping and yard care companies rely on accurate measurements for job estimates. The estimates typically require site visits which are time consuming and affect the bottom line.

Gain insight and efficiency over your competition. Earn more business and increase profitability.


Reduce Site Visits

Lets increase your profitability.  Our high resolution imagery allows you to visualize and plan your project from the office, so you can operate more efficiently and become more profitable.


Quote Quicker

FastMap imagery provides you the clarity and information for you to quote and qualify projects from the office.  Quote more projects and earn more business with FastMap.


Identify Opportunities

Identify new opportunities in areas of existing projects, and earn more business by using FastMap imagery in your quotes and projects layouts. Stand our from the competition and grow your business.

High Resolution Aerial Imagery

Estimate Smarter

For many landscape and lawn care companies, the estimate process either relies on a customer provided estimate, outdated maps, or a costly site visit.  Aerial maps from FastMap are prove a more reliable, less costly solution to your estimating process.

  • Access the most current aerial images
  • Accurately take measurements using any device
  • Add detailed imagery to your estimates and designs

Increase Profitability

Increase the profitability of your landscaping or yard care business. FastMap provides landscape professionals with the resources to improve operational efficiency and earn more business opportunities.  Access the most current aerial maps throughout Canada and begin growing your business.

  • Quote more projects in less time than the competition.
  • Reduce the costs associated to site visits.
  • Target new opportunities near existing projects.

Win your next project

Begin winning new business opportunities.

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High Resolution Aerial Imagery

Measure Accurately

FastView is an intuitive and easy to use web map that allows you to browse the most current high resolution aerial imagery and elevation data throughout Canada.  Imagery and elevation data is updated 2-3 times per year at the high resolution available for major urban areas.

  • Measure length, area, and circumferences
  • Download survey accurate elevation data
  • Work from any devices with a web broswer


Using the FastView web map, you can rely on up-to-date address searching and geo-locate functions. FastMap is developed using advanced search tools, so you can locate projects from the office or in the field.

  • Search by address with auto-complete
  • Geo-locate to your current position
  • Zoom to Street View for another perspective
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