How can you help FastMap on Earth Day 2018?

For every Facebook Page like and post share, FastMap will plant a tree in support of Earth Day 2018.  You can like our Facebook Page, to help support Earth day 2018 and the Manitoba Forestry Association.

Spring is our favorite time of year at FastMap! As the sun comes out for longer days and the ground starts to thaw, spring kicks off the season for aerial mapping acquisition in Canada.  More importantly,  it is also the season for Earth Day: Sunday 22 April, 2018, when we want your help to plant a tree a day, during this 2018 season.

What is Earth Day? It’s an annual celebration of our beautiful planet, with a mission to promote a greener future. This year’s focus is to End Plastic Pollution. Did you know plastic bags have a lifespan of 1,000 years? That’s five times the lifespan of the average maple tree!

Looking to do your part for the environment this Earth Day? We’ve got lots of ideas. Read on…

Simple Activities to Support Earth Day 2018


Make Your Own Terrarium

Create your own mini ecosystem in a glass bowl filled with soil, rocks, and an assortment of small plants.

Go Meat-Free

Cut your greenhouse gas emissions by eating a delicious vegetarian meal instead.

Weed Community Gardens

Give some TLC to gardens around community centers, schools, or parks in your neighborhood.

Unsubscribe from Junk Mail

Avoid wasting pamphlets and flyers by unsubscribing from junk mailing lists (the snail mail kind.)

Feed the Birds

Recycle an old bottle by filling it with bird seed and poking holes in the bottom.

Buy Nothing

Reduce waste and learn to love what you have!
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