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LiDAR Data


FastMap offers LiDAR using our own systems and from strategic partners to ensure our coverage is largest available. All LiDAR data has undergone our extensive QA/QC processes and is compliant to to the highest standards.

Elevation Data

Digital Elevation Models

FastMap provides digital elevation models (DEM) produced from various sensor platforms, including LiDAR, aerial imagery, and satellite platforms. Our DEM models are available in various file formats and grid densities to meet your most demanding project needs and budgets.


Aerial Images

FastMap acquires aerial imagery using the latest in sensor technology, with high resolution updates in some areas as frequently as every year. Our high resolution imagery is ortho-rectified to 10cm, 15cm, 20cm, and 30cm resolutions.  Our aerial imagery detailed enough to identify buildings, vehicles, manholes, and other important man-made and natural features.


Satellite Images

We connect you to various satellite sensors to ensure the newest imagery content is always readily available. With the high resolution satellite capabilities of DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-4, WorldView-3, Worldview-2, WorldView-1, and GeoEye-1 satellites – FastMap helps you map the world in even the most remote areas.