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Free & Premium Satellite Maps, LiDAR, Elevation Maps, and Aerial Photo's.

Open Geospatial Data

Discover and download the latest open geospatial data all conveniently located in one place. We offer open data search for data from various agencies around the world.

Premium Paid Data

Find the the most current premium geospatial data, such as LiDAR, Aerial and Elevation data from industry leaders worldwide. Stop searching on multiple websites.

Custom Mapping

FastMap offers value-added services with custom acquisition and mapping using the latest in LiDAR, UAV, and Satellite technologies.

Why is FastMap the Best?

FastMap connects you to the most current open geospatial data, premium paid data,
and custom mapping solutions from industry leaders worldwide

Fast, Simple, & Secure

FastMap is a geospatial marketplace which offers a fast, simple, and secure way to conveniently purchase geospatial products online.  Purchase aerial photossatellite maps, LiDAR or an elevation map with FastMap and earn rewards to redeem for free satellite imagery and other free geospatial products.

Our Process is Simple

01. Search

Search for satellite maps, aerial photos, LiDAR data and more geospatial products for free.

02. Add to Cart

Select the satellite maps or other data products you want to add to your shopping cart.

03. Checkout

Use our fast and secure checkout and earn rewards with every purchase. Redeem and repeat.

“Using FastMap saved us valuable time searching and ordering the newest satellite maps! Updated and premium content is hard to find in a single website.”

“We haven't used an easier tool than FastMap's discovery tool. It's simple, clean and very easy to use. Highly recommended!”

“Our data sales of increased by 34% in the first 6 months we began to use FastMap to sell our Geospatial data.”

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Say Hello to Your New Best Friend, FastMap

FastMap offers the most convenient way to find geospatial data online.  Search billions of square kilometers of open source and proprietary data.  Can’t find something that meets your needs?  Send a request from our geo-store to request custom satellite tasking, LiDAR acquisition, and even UAV services.

Search Tools

Draw or upload your search boundary to search available map data.

You can also download your boundary as a KML or SHP file, search by coordinates, and edit your polygon directly on the map

Search Results

View results for available data within your boundary. Product tabs are available for Satellite, Aerial, Elevation, and LiDAR products.

Toggle Image footprints, Image Previews, and simply Add to Cart.

Secure Checkout

Pay for your products with our secure check out. Edit product options from your shopping cart to select Projection, Datum, File Formats, and more!

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