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By enabling location intelligence at the desktop or mobile device, our customers work smarter and more efficiently – reducing the time, costs, and environmental impact associated to site visits.

FastMap Captures Reality

FastMap saves businesses time, money, and reduces carbon footprints by bringing 3D Reality to your desktop through innovative location intelligence.

Saves Time

FastMap frequently refreshes high resolution aerial maps to provide you with time stamps of site reality, providing you the ability to reduce site visits.

Saves Money

Businesses and Governments who FastMap experience instant improvements in operational efficiency and save over $7,000 per employee.

Reduces CO2

Experience the benefits of reducing your carbon footprint.  FastMap’ers save 1300 kg’s of CO2 emissions per employee each year.

Available Summer 2019

FastMap 3D

FastMap 3D brings you real work reality to your desktop or mobile device.  Created from a combination of LiDAR and aerial imagery, FastMap 3D allows users map and visualize the real world in 3D.  Measure wall area, roof slope, terrain profiles, and bridge clearances from your desktop.  Visualize shadows for planning or line-of-sight for security.

High Resolution Aerial Imagery

High Resolution Aerial Imagery

Aerial maps from FastMap are ultra high resolution, allowing you to see the finest details all while working from your office.  FastMap imagery saves business time and money by identifying new business opportunities across Canada’s urban developments.


Accurate Elevation Maps

Elevation maps provided by FastMap is collected at the same time as the high resolution aerial maps using innovative LiDAR technology. Elevation data from FastMap is accurate enough to reduce costly ground surveys required for site planning.

Accurate Elevation Maps
Frequently Updated

Multiple Times Per Year

SmartMaps are updated every 3-4 months over major urban areas, allowing you to identify new business opportunities and make more informed decision with the most current mapping available, without leaving your office.

Mapping as a Service

Low cost-geospatial data, including Freemium plan!
FastMap Freemium, Free High Resolution Aerial Imagery


Enjoy up to 250mb/month of free high resolution aerial imagery. 

FastMap FastVIew Web Map, High Resolution Aerial Imagery


Get unlimited high resolution aerial imagery streaming, with no software required.

FastConnect - Mapping as a Service


Connect to your desktop GIS / CAD software and stream unlimited data.

Custom Aerial LiDAR and Imagery Mapping


Custom acquisition and delivery tailored for your unique project.

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